Care of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Maintaining the fur

The fur of the Pyrenean mountain dog doesn't demand much attention, a daily brush is sufficient. Pay attention behind the ears where the manes easily clit.

Never wash the dog and especially never before vaccination! The fur is provided by a little layer of fat, it protects the dog against cold or heat during winter or summer. Shampoo damages the dogs layer of fat . If the dogs fur is dirty rather use shampoo that's used for dogs. Using talk powder is preferred. Talk powder keeps the dogs fur nice and white.

activet vert animilo

The Pyrenean mountain dog changes fur once a year during spring. During this period brush the dog well to remove any dead hair. If you do this, the dog's fur grows back much faster.

Use a brush with iron pins to do this, they penetrate the dogs fur much faster.


Claws and nails

TangenAlthough the growth of the Hubertusclaws doesn't need to be watched weekly it's required to cut them from time to time. These nails don't wear off but keep growing. They grow in a circle shape and can penetrate the skin .

Specially designed nail cutters are used for this and can be found in the better pet shops.


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