Nine puppies were born in October. They will be available early January 2019. Read how to reserve a puppy or contact us by email or by phone at +33 6 37 68 83 66.
The mother is Higgy Du Val de Pyrène and the father is Maclou Du Val de Pyrène

Upcoming birth at the Val de Pyrène
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Upcoming birth in 2017

We have the pleasure to announce the breeding of our two beloved children : CH Higgy Du Val de Pyrène & JCH Maclou Du Val de Pyrène

It will be the upcoming of many years of work.Of course, an echography will be performed early September to confirm the coming birth of the puppies. But if you want to reserve a pup from from this exceptional event, please contact us already.

We want to especially thank Elsje & Karl Holtappels from the From River Glows (BE) kennel for having let us fulfill our dream.

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Relooking of our site

2017 will be a year of changes!

Relooking of our site

Our site is the window of our kennel. Thanks to all of you, it's been almost 10 years that it was born and we thrive to make it better to give you a more pleasant experience. The articles come from our own inspiration and are fueled by our personal experience. The photos ans videos are all made by ourselves.

At this occasion, I thank my Webmaster and friend Jean François Questiaux for his professionalism and ongoing commitment.

We wish you a pleasant visit and hope you will find easily what you are looking for in our new layout.

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Our Gucci at the CRUFTS, the largest dog show in the world

Gucci du Val de Pyrène au CRUFTS 2013Our big white dog Gucci du Val de Pyrène came out 4th in open class (which corresponds to the "Classe Champion" in Great-Britain), at only the age of 2, amongst the greatest Champions in the world. 78 Great Mountain Dogs were running in this competition.

It was a very fulfilling experience that sent Gucci among the Greats in his breed.

We are very proud and happy that his value has been acknowledged by a connoisseur of the breed, Mr Spencer-Brown, Membership Secretary PMDC of Great Britain.

Given the size of this show (the largest dog show in the world!), large rings were set in accordance with the size of the dogs. 21 dogs of this class entered one at a time in the ring, so each owner had the opportunity to show his dog in the best conditions and so the judge can observe the animal in a suitable way.

Gucci du Val de Pyrène au CRUFTS 2013After the 1st selection, some dogs were asked to leave while the selected others went back on the ring to do a « round trip », then a full circle around the ring and a static stand. It's only then that the judge gave his final rating.

It is a well deserved reward for our Gucci and above all for all the work we try to accomplish with honesty and seriousness.


Elevage de chien Montagne des Pyrénées du Val de Pyrène
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