Maclou Du Val de Pyrène termine BIS Puppy à l'Exposition de Maastricht (NL)

Un grand merci à Elsje Holtappels & Naomi Van Mourik


Maclou du val de pyrène Maastrick 2016

For the love of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Gucci du Val de PyrèneOur kennel Great Pyrenees is located in Lower Normandy, in the Calvados region, just a few kilometers from "Omaha Beach", where the Allies set foot on the ground during the War.

The arrival of our first patoune Laika in 2003, has fueled our passion for this wonderful breed of shepherd dogs. On this website you will find the point of view of a professional breeder who is passionate about the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Besides our advices on the education and care of Patous, you can also consult our FAQ (only available in French). We believe as breeder that it is our duty to share you our experience.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a fantastic dog but certainly not easy. It is a dog with a strong personality and therefore we invite you to explore our site to find out whether this breed suits you.

Perhaps you will also fall for his charm.

We wish you a pleasant visit.


Higgy du Val de Pyrène and Jan

Du Val de Pyrène

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